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Illinois State Police

Gran Fury


The Fury as it was before Tony purchased it from its seller in North Carolina.

Inside the Maaco Body Shop of Middletown, CT prior to paint. The shop worked on some minor body issues including a patch in the front driver side fender and they also reworked an old whip antenna hole behind the rear window.

The Fury parked outside after the Maaco folks did their job. Great Job! Great price!

Tony's friends donated a lot of their time to help get the Fury back on the road. Here you see Phil Masso from Rhode Island rewiring the Mopar AM/FM/CB before putting the Instrument Panel back together.

Tom Weglarz of our "August Feature Car" fame seen here installing the newly dyed interior pillar panels. They are notoriously brittle once age sets into the plastic and need to be handled with care, Tony tells us, "I was jokingly 'forbidden' to set foot inside the car during the removal of the panels from a 'Demo Derby' car in Bath, NY and also  in the subsequent reinstallation in my yard in March. I have been known to break a couple of them"

Ted Stockmon of North Haven, CT lends a hand fitting a rear door panel.




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