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Newton Labor Day Parade 2015!

Our arrival in Newtown where we met up with E.V.P.C.A member Jim Clark and his son who reside in New York. They brought their newly restored 2002 Florida Highway Patrol B4C Chevrolet Camaro.

Lined up and waiting for the parade to begin. Rich Kovach's 1964 Stratford, Ct Police Department” Ford Country Sedan Police Emergency Wagon.


Jim Clark’s 2002 Florida Highway Patrol B4C Camaro.

Ted Stockmon's 1986 "Wyoming Highway Patrol" Chevrolet Caprice.


Andy Baratti’s 1972 “LAPD” AMC Matador.

Angelo Appi's 2002 “Florida Highway Patrol” B4C Pursuit Camaro.

Kevin Cormack and his 1978 “Connecticut State Police” Ford LTD Interceptor.

Marcello Amestoy's 1995 “D.A.R.E.” Chevy Impala.

My 1999 Cayuga County Sheriff car.

And here we go!






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