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These photos are of the drivers side rear window regulator replacement, but the process is identical for all four windows of 1992-2006 Crown Victoria's or Grand Marquis. This is meant to be just an overview of the process, and should not be taken as a perfect step-by-step explanation.  


First, remove the door panel.


Next, drill out the 3 top rivets that hold in the top of the window regulator.


Next, drill out the bottom 2 rivets.


Next, carefully drill out the rivet on the left side of the window mount.


Next, drill out the rivet on the right side of the window mount. You might have to adjust the window height to get access to these rivets. Next, tilt the glass down at the front & lift the window out of the door from the outside of the car.


Unbolt the 3 torx screws that hold the window motor to the regulator.




Carefully remove the regulator from the door frame, and remove the widow motor and attach it to the new regulator. Then slip in the new regulator.


Next, using short bolts with nuts and washers, re-install the bottom of the regulator to the door as shown. Be sure that the bolts do not stick out too far into the door, it will contact the window when it is down. Use bolts just long enough to hold it tight.


Next, install the 3 bolts to the top of the regulator. Not pictured, re-insert the door glass from the outside of the car, tilting it forward at an angle to get it into the channel. Also be sure to use new bolts and washers to hold the actual window to the mount of the regulator. Be certain that you use short bolts, and do not over tighten, or you will be buying a new window. Then test, and re-install the door panel.


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