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Hamden, North Haven and East Haven Police Departments all utilize this Mobil Command Center.

Andy Barati's 1972 “LAPD” AMC Matador.


Bob Ducharme brought his 1957 “Look Memorial Park Police” DJ 3A Willy's Jeep.

Kevin Cormack's 1978 Connecticut State Police Ford LTD Interceptor.


Tony Tsitaridis' 1984 “East Hartford Police Department” Plymouth Grand Fury.

Ted Stockmon's 1989 "North Haven Police Department" Plymouth Gran Fury.

Mike Mangini's 1999 "Cayuga County Sherriff" Ford Crown Victoria Interceptor.



E.V.P.C.A members Damon Dent and Andy Barati share the spotlight. Film at 11:00!



Eastern Vintage Police Car Association



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