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1987 Dodge Diplomat. City of Caro Michigan Police Car.


The 1987 Dodge Diplomat below is owned by one of our viewers, Mike who resides in Michigan. Mike is a LEO in the city of Caro, Michigan, and tells us that this car was originally a Nassau County New York detective car that he purchased from them directly on eBay in 2004. After some thought, Mike decided that he wanted the car to mirror his first cruiser that he was assigned when he started his career.  With that in mind, Mike transformed the Nassau County cruiser to what you see below, a great looking tribute to the Caro Police Department. When Mike left  the Caro PD in 2017, he redesigned the car to mirror a Millington Michigan Police Department patrol vehicle. But after a period of time, Mike decided he want to restored it back to its former Caro Police Department  specifications. But there was one last change Mike wanted to pursue. He felt that the car was a little sluggish, it needed more power. So two years ago he decided to beef up the drivetrain with a 400hp 360 Magnum engine and upgrade the Chrysler transmission and rear end. Mike told us that he now believes the car is the way it was meant to look and drive. Mike is a member of our affiliate  "Vintage Police Car Group" on FaceBook and we would like to thank Mike for posting his car on our site and allowing us to share it with you.




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