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Breakfast before the start of Madison's 4th of July Parade at Guilford, CT's Shoreline Diner. 




Here we are staged and waiting for the Madison 4th of July  Parade to begin. 

We start with our good friend, Rob Capone's "Trumbull Police Department" 1978 Plymouth Fury.

Ken Handleman's 1992 Florida Highway Patrol "Special Services" Mustang.

Wayne Holtz brought his 1988 Dodge Diplomat "Highway Patrol" Cruiser. 


Ken Reid's 1989 “Clinton Police Department” Ford Crown Victoria.

1999 "Cayuga County Sheriff" P71 Ford Crown Victoria.

Andy Testone's 1969 “Massachusetts State Police” Dodge Polara.

Ted Stockmon's 1976 “NYPD” Plymouth Fury. 



Eastern Vintage Police Car Association




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