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Andy Barati's 1972 “LAPD” AMC Matador.

Ted Stockmon's "Wyoming Police Department Highway Patrol" 1986 Chevy Caprice


Tony Tsitaridis’ 1984 “East Hartford, Ct. Police Department” Plymouth Grand Fury.


Terry Wright's 1988 "City of Miami" Dodge Diplomat.

Kevin Cormack's 1978 Connecticut State Police Ford LTD Interceptor

1999 "Cayuga County New York" Retired Ford Crown Victoria P71

Wayne Holtz brought his 1988 Dodge Diplomat "Highway Patrol" Cruiser. 

Jim Mank's 1980 Dodge "Michigan State Police" St. Regis




Craig Schultz's 1964 Ford Army M-151 

Yes, that's right, Ford. According to Wikipedia, in 1951 Ford Motor Company was awarded the contract to design a 1/4 ton 4×4 truck to replace the M38 and M38A1 model jeeps. The M151 was developed to specifications and guidance of the U.S. Army's Ordnance Tank Automotive Command. Design started in 1951 and testing and prototyping lasted through most of the fifties. Although the M151 was developed and initially produced by Ford, production contracts for the M151A2 were later also awarded to Kaiser and AM General Corp, a subsidiary of AMC.


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