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The Eastern Vintage Police Car Association


Staging and ready to go with our good buddy Air Force Vietnam Veteran Del Cornell standing along side his pristine 1958 Ford Custom "Connecticut State Police" cruiser. Thank you for your service Del.


E.V.P.C.A. member and our good friend, Air Force Vietnam Veteran Bob Ducharme with his 1957 “Look Memorial Park Police” DJ 3A Willy's Jeep. Thank you for your service Bob.




Northampton Mass. Police Sergeant Andy Trushaw and his 1972

" Northampton" American Motors Company (AMC) Ambassador








My wife, co-pilot and moral compass. Smile dear!




Some of our E.V.P.C.A. members in attendance on Sunday, November 6 2016. Left to right: Ted Stockmon, Len Widener, Del Cornell, Andy Barati, Mike Mangini, Damon Dent, Bob Ducharme and Ken Handleman. Kneeling: Rob Capone and Andy Trushaw, and of course our mascot and super hero, Myla!



Eastern Vintage Police Car Association




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